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Species Guide: Million Bells Calibrachoa

Million Bells Calibrachoa have small, petunia-type flowers with a yellow-throat and come in a variety of bright colours – yellow, pink, purple and terracotta to name but a few. Million Bells Calibrachoa is either semi-trailing or trailing in habit and has neat, compact foliage.

Million Bells Calibrachoa thrive in full sun or semi shade with regular watering and feed. These fast growing, extremely heavy bloomers are self cleaning and self-branching habit. They’ll continue to bloom throughout the summer season right up until the first hard frosts.

Million Bells Calibrachoa delicate flowers and growth habit blend effectively with a host of plants in mixed hanging basket, window boxes or container planting on the patio.

Plugplants4U are proud to offer the freshest Million Bells Calibrachoa, all UK grown and abundant in quality. Million Bells Calibrachoa Crackling Fire, with its terracotta and dark flecked flowers, the vibrant hot salmon blooms of Million Bells Calibrachoa Salsa, and cool Million Bells Calibrachoa Blue, a stunning indigo colour, are among our favourites and therefore thoroughly recommended.

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