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Species Guide: Herbs

Today, many gardeners are rediscovering the joy and pleasure of producing their own herbs. ‘Home grown’ herbs means fresh air and exercise, feeling fit and healthy and the satisfaction of sitting down to a meal knowing that it was provided from your own garden with no added chemicals.

Growing herbs is easy to do and don’t need a lot of space. Herbs can be grown in container pots on the patio, window boxes or other containers such as an old sink. If you've plenty of space herbs can be planted in the garden borders either as a dedicated herb garden or as part of a mixed planting scheme.

Herbs are used as remedies for illnesses, culinary flavoring or burning for their pleasant fragrances. Many culinary herbs have a wide range of uses in cooking. Words cannot describe the flavours that come out when cooking with fresh herbs. Popular culinary herbs available from Plugplants4U include Rosemary, thyme, marjoram, mint, and sage.

Our fabulous collection not only tastes delicious, but looks attractive too. The golden foliage of Gold Oregano is stunning, whilst the scented green and yellow foliage of Thyme Doone Valley compliments any herb garden.

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