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Species Guide: Pelargonium Geraniums

Pelargonium Geraniums are more commonly referred to as Geraniums, they are one of the oldest yet still one of the most popular additions to any British garden.

Geraniums make an excellent choice for patio containers pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. Geraniums include come in all shapes and sizes, some have variegated coloured leaves, whilst others have scented leaves. Other characteristics to the Pelargonium Geranium include upright and trailing habits.

Geraniums have roughly rounded leaves and bright flowers in colors like pink and red. The geranium plant has thick, fleshy stems, and the leaves often feel slightly fuzzy. Some Geraniums have a distinctive odor, indeed Geraniums are sometimes cultivated specifically for this memorable scented leaves.

Generally Geraniums will thrive in a sunny spot and will tolerate relatively dry soil conditions. Geraniums donít like to be over-watered, they will not do well. Annual Geraniums will not tolerate frost.

Here at Plugplants4U we grow many varieties of Pelargonium Geraniums and insist on the best possible quality and freshness when desptaching to our customers. Plugplants4U produces over 1 million Geraniums each year on our nursery. They are individually grown, graded and despatched to meet are own very high standards.

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