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Species Guide: Fuchsias

Fuchsias are low-growing, bush-like plants with distinctive, delicate trumpet-like flowers that gracefully hang downwards, fuchsia flowers may be single or double. Fuchsias look fabulous in hanging baskets, window boxes, containers and garden borders. Fuchsias can look great in a hanging basket or pot on their own, but also look pretty when paired with either complimentary or contrasting colors.

Fuchsias are easy to grow, versatile and will reward you with extravagant blooms all summer. Fuchsias will thrive in a cool and shaded area as well as a position with partial shade and sun.

Plugplants4U offers a superb range of winter hardy Fuchsias, but most of our Fuchsias are categorised as annual plants, which mean they are planted and flower then die in one year or season. They come in beautiful vibrant colours and glossy green foliage. All fuchsias from Plugplants4U are fresh and locally grown on our nursery, allowing you to buy safe in the knowledge that they are the quality you are looking for. Last year we grow a whopping 400,000 Fuchsias.

Specific varieties we recommend at Plugplants4U are Fuchsia Firecracker, with salmon and white trumpet flowers, and Fuchsia Thalia, with its bronzed leaves and coral chandelier-like flowers.

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