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Species Guide: Evergreen Perennials

In some perennial species foliage is retained over the winter months, these are known as evergreen perennials. Stems can be made up of soft tissue such as Begenia or a small multi-stemmed woody bushes such as Penstemons. In warmer and more sheltered spots, itís possible for perennials to grow continuously thus placing them in the category of evergreen perennials.

Evergreen perennials are an important part of any planting scheme because they add texture, shape and form. Theyíre ideal for garden borders or container planting on or around the patio because they are versatile and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and bloom times.

Even in winter many evergreen perennials are still hard at work providing interest in the garden when other perennials have died down for the winter period. In the depths of winter when itís too chilly to venture out into the garden , itís nice to be able to look out of the window and see evergreen perennials such as heaucheraís offering colour in the garden.
Some evergreen perennials provide solutions to gardening problems. Heaucheraís are shade tolerant and Vinca can be used as a low maintenance groundcover.

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