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Species Guide: Bacopa

The versatile Bacopa is a lovely choice for hanging baskets, window boxes, combination planting or potted specimens and even makes an exceptionally attractive groundcover plant. When planted in a hanging basket, window box or other container pot it will cascade over the sides to form a sheet of flowers and foliage at least 30cm long.

Bacopa’s are popular as hanging basket and container plants because of their delicate flowers, which bloom in a profusion of colour. Bacopa are fast growing and easy to care for, these tender annual plants are one of the most popular choices for a stunning summer display.

You won't need to deadhead Bacopas, as they are self-cleaning and will continue blooming profusely throughout the season. Water Bacopa enough to keep it evenly moist, but don't allow it to dry out. Good drainage is important, because Bacopa don't like wet feet.

‘Snowflake’ is the most popular white flowering Bacopa variety. Its foliage is small and mid-green, and plants have a good creeping habit. As well as white varieties Bacopa also is offered at Plugplants4U in shades of Blue and Pink.
Plants sometimes lose vigour towards the end of the season, but this is usually because they require more feed. Feed with a well known fertiliser to boost growth and the production of flowers.

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