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Species Guide: Verbena

Verbena is one of those garden essentials that bloom from spring to autumn with very little fuss. Flowers can be mauve, purple, white, pink, apricot, red or bi-colour blooms. Verbena is a lovely choice for hanging baskets, window boxes, combination planting or potted specimens and even makes an exceptionally attractive mound forming plant in a mixed garden border. When planted in a hanging basket, window box or other container pot it will tumble over the sides to form a mass of flowers.

Verbena is one of the most widespread, toughest and floriferous of the all the hanging basket plants, they are popular as a hanging basket and container plant because of their beautiful flowers, which bloom over a long period. Verbena are fast growing and one of the most popular choices for a stunning summer display.

The leaves of the verbena are typically thin and lance shaped. The fine cut foliage is attractive and combines well with other plants. Verbena tends to have a loose, sprawling growth habit and beautiful clusters or domed heads of flowers held above the foliage. Pick off any faded blooms to extend the overall flowering period of Verbena.

Verbena’s grow best in sunny sites but will tolerate a wide range of soils as long as it is well-drained. Many Verbena will tolerate partial shade.

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