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Species Guide: Trailing Geraniums

Geraniums that are trailing in habit are more commonly referred to as Ivy Geraniums. They are known as Ivy Geraniums because they have waxy leaves that often have the shape of a Hedera Ivy leaf.

There are many Ivy Geraniums to choose from - with flower colors including white, red, pink and salmon. There are some stunning bi-color varieties such as Mexica Tom that is a chocolate and white.

Ivy Geraniums are easy to grow and perform well in window boxes and hanging baskets. Being trailing in habit Ivy Geraniums are best suited towards the edge for a mass of cascading colour.

Itís important to dead-head Ivy Geraniums. You should take the time to clip out the old top flowers as they fade so the younger flower buds underneath can take their place. This also prolongs the bloom period for each flower head and gives your Ivy Geranium a neat and tidy appearance. Donít let Ivy Geraniums deadhead naturally - the flower blossoms will tend to fall and stick to the leaves below, damaging healthy foliage.

Ivy Geraniums will thrive in a sunny spot and will tolerate relatively dry soil conditions, however they donít like to be over-watered and wonít tolerate frost.

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