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Species Guide: Surfinia Petunias

Surfinia Petunias is a house-hold name and they’re the perfect addition to hanging baskets, containers, window boxes and pots. Surfinia Petunia has beautiful cascading blooms that flower throughout the summer season and are robust enough to withstand the hot summers, strong winds and heavy showers.

Surfinia is an annual plant and looks fantastic in a basket as a mixed combination of colours or equally a a hanging basket full of a single Surfinia colour looks stunning.

At Plugplants4U we have been supplying fresh and quality grown Surfinia Petunias all over the British Isles for many years. We especially recommend Surfinia Hot Pink, with cerise pink blooms and red veins, and Surfinia Purple, with deep purple flowers.

Our Surfinias are supplied as a substantial plug and are really easy to grow. Surfinia plants grow quickly, they are one of the best cascading petunias for hanging baskets as they drape beautifully and can trail to 1 metre in a single growing season.
Surfinia petunia is unique also in that it flowers all over and not just on top. This is an asset when growing hanging baskets. Surfinia blooms non-stop throughout the growing season in a wide variety of hues from baby pink to deep purple to fire engine red.

There are more than 15 different colours in the Surfinia range. Some bear the traditional funnel-shaped petunia flowers while others sport ruffled double blooms. Surfinia is low on maintain because the flowers are self-cleaning and don’t need pinching back to keep them blooming. Petunia Surfinia is really easy to keep because there more resistant to most petunia diseases than other cultivars. There is no better trailing petunia for use in container gardening.

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