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Tips: Summer Plants

The garden is now in full bloom and looking fantastic. Nevertheless here at Plugplants4U we are looking beyond spring, our focus is what can be grown during the summer and planted out once the summer flowers have come to an end.

Plugplants4U has thousands of ‘Nursery Fresh’ plug plants ready and waiting for July/ August delivery. Pansies, Primroses and the popular ‘Autumn Patio’ series don our propagation benches at the moment.

Pansies should be purchased from the middle of July onwards, once they have been potted on they will be thriving and ready to be planted out from September.

Primroses take a little longer to mature, again purchase from July. Nurture and watch them come into flower just after Christmas.

Our UK grown, evergreen ‘Autumn Patio’ series is a fantastic ‘planting partner’ for Pansies. Plant in hanging baskets and window boxes and admire a stunning autumn display of colour.

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