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Species Guide: Scented Geraniums

Scented Geraniums are a wonderful addition to any garden. They have a variety of delicate flower shapes, attractive leaves and aromatic properties. Different varieties sport different scents, including apple, lemon, peppermint, and rose, to name just a few.

They make an excellent choice for house plants, patio containers pots or the garden borders. In the garden, they are wonderful plants that release delicious scents when brushed, making them good all-around additions to any garden. To help release their wonderful scent plant near pathways where they can be brushed as people pass.

Scented Geraniums have hairy leaves and bright flowers in colours like pink and red. The scented geranium plant has thick, fleshy stems, and the leaves often feel slightly fuzzy. Some scented geraniums have a distinctive odor, indeed scented geraniums are sometimes cultivated specifically for this memorable scented leaves.

Scented Geraniums will thrive in a sunny spot and will tolerate relatively dry soil conditions however they donít like to be over-watered and will not tolerate frost.

Use Scented Geraniums in containers pots on the patio, as border plants, and in mixed herb and flower gardens. Alternatively scented geraniums can be placed indoors on a window sill or in a conservatory. Deadhead blooms as they fade to keep the plant producing.

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