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Species Guide: Regal Pelargoniums

Regal Pelargoniums make a wonderful addition to any house or garden, and they are quite different to the zonal geranium types. Regal Pelargoniums have woody stems, wrinkled leaves and pointed lobes.

Regal Pelargoniums have large stunning blooms, the flowers are elegant and often have a two toned flower combination. There are plenty of colours in the Plugplant4U assortment, choose from including pink, red, lavender and even chocolate.

Regal Pelargoniums make an excellent plant for the amateur gardener, as they require only frost free conditions in the winter. The low light and short day conditions actually help to grow a good plant without budding prematurely. They are some of the earliest Pelargoniums to flower in the spring and with regular feeds.

Regal Pelargoniums are fairly weather tolerant and will thrive in a sunny spot. Being visually stunning they are ideal for summer container pots on the patio. Those with large blooms and ruffled petals need a sheltered spot, such as in a porch or conservatory, where they won't be spoilt by the wind or rain. Deadhead blooms as they fade to keep the plant producing.

Plugplants4U produces a high quality Regal Pelargonium plug plant that is English grown on our own Nursery.

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