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Tips: How to care for your plug plants

What are plug plants?

A plug plant is a general term for seedlings or rooted cuttings that have been started in trays of individual cells. Plugplants4U offers various sizes of plug plant ranging from 10mm to 80mm depending on the type of plant.

How are they grown?

Plug plants are either propagated from seed or cuttings. Plants raised from cuttings are propagated in this way to keep the new young plants identical to the original cultivar. It isnít possible to take cuttings from some plants, instead seed is collect instead.

Plugplants4U modern nursery is very sophisticated, we operate the nursery with two environmental computers, the computers monitor humidity, light levels and temperature. The entire process of raising seeds and plants from cuttings is timed, with our experience we know the number of weeks from germination or rooting to point of sale. Most of our plug plants are ordered in advance and ready to be despatched to the customer, at a date when success in growing the plants is most easily achieved.

Posting your plants

Your plants will arrive through the post in excellent condition. Plugplants4U dispatches itís plug plants in a transparent container called a Ďblisterí pack, the plants inside are packed flat and the blister pack holds them snuggly in neat rows and protects them during transport. All you have to do is grow on the young plants.
Taking Delivery, Planting up and potting on

Your plug plants have been traveling the country for a couple of days. They should arrive fresh and ready for transplanting. In order to give them the best possible start we suggest that you follow these simple instructions to ensure that your plants get off to the best possible start.

- Once youíve unpacked the plants from their blister pack.
- Lightly water your plants with a watering can and rose or stand the plants up in 1cm of water and leave for 2 minutes.
- Donít plant summer flowering plants out until the risk of frost has passed completely.
- Plug plants can either be potted on into pots to grow on in readiness for planting out into their final positions. Or if the plug size is large enough they can be planted direct into hanging baskets, containers or direct into garden borders.

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