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Species Guide: Annuals

At Plugplants4U we are passionate about annuals, after all we have been growing them for over 35 years within the horticultural industry, in fact we grow well over 3 million annuals each year.

What is an annual? In gardening terms, an annual is a plant grown outdoors in the spring and summer that survives just for one growing season. Some perennials and biennials are grown in gardens as annuals for convenience, especially if they are not considered winter hardy for the local climate.

Ornamental annual perennials commonly grown as annuals are bizzy lizzy impatiens, bedding begonia, snapdragon, Pelargonium geraniums or petunia. A biennial that can be grown as annual would be a pansy or viola. Annual plants are widely grown for the bold splashes of colour they add to garden borders. Growing annual flowers will bring easy, nearly instant colour to your flower beds or container pots on the patio.

Gardening with annuals allows you the freedom to change your ideas and your color scheme every season. Annuals allow you to experiment with many different planting combinations to create a unique display every year.

Annual plants generally are inexpensive and great value for money. The rewards come quickly when you plant annuals. Your garden borders and container pots will be bursting with colour in a matter of weeks.

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