Useful Guides and Tip Sheets

Autumn Plants
There is still some beautiful late summer colour around, although this wonít last forever. With autumn around the corner now is the time to think about the next phase of your garden. Here at Plugplan
How to care for your plug plants
What are plug plants? A plug plant is a general term for seedlings or rooted cuttings that have been started in trays of individual cells. Plugplants4U offers various sizes of plug plant ranging f
Spring Plants
For the new spring season we have lots of new, exciting and unusual plants to wet the gardening appetite. At this time of year many plants literally spring into life and itís no different here at Pl
Summer Plants
The garden is now in full bloom and looking fantastic. Nevertheless here at Plugplants4U we are looking beyond spring, our focus is what can be grown during the summer and planted out once the summer
Top Tips for Planting your plugs
Choose plug plants - they're easier to fit into the basket and, with some regular watering, plant food and the removal of dead flower heads, they'll grow and give a stunning display. Don't put you
Winter Plants
If youíre a really keen gardener and have your own greenhouse youíll be please to know Plugplants4U offers Summer Flowering Annuals as early as December, enabling you to nurture your plants from an ea