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At Plugplants4U we are passionate about annuals, after all we have been growing them for over 35 years within the horticultural industry, in fact we grow well over 3 million annuals each year. Wh
The versatile Bacopa is a lovely choice for hanging baskets, window boxes, combination planting or potted specimens and even makes an exceptionally attractive groundcover plant. When planted in a hang
This lovely, delicate plant is a jewel in the garden for it flowers abundantly throughout the summer. The Diascia can be grown easily and is a lovely choice for hanging baskets, window boxes, combinat
Evergreen Perennials
In some perennial species foliage is retained over the winter months, these are known as evergreen perennials. Stems can be made up of soft tissue such as Begenia or a small multi-stemmed woody bushes
Fuchsias are low-growing, bush-like plants with distinctive, delicate trumpet-like flowers that gracefully hang downwards, fuchsia flowers may be single or double. Fuchsias look fabulous in hanging ba
Garden Shrubs
Shrubs make a great addition to garden borders, as they give the illusion of depth and help establish a garden. A shrub can be described as a low growing bush that is usually multi-stemmed, some shed
Today, many gardeners are rediscovering the joy and pleasure of producing their own herbs. ‘Home grown’ herbs means fresh air and exercise, feeling fit and healthy and the satisfaction of sitting down
Million Bells Calibrachoa
Million Bells Calibrachoa have small, petunia-type flowers with a yellow-throat and come in a variety of bright colours – yellow, pink, purple and terracotta to name but a few. Million Bells Calibrach
This dainty, delicate plant is a charming addition to the summer garden. The Nemesia is an easy plant to grow and is a lovely choice for hanging baskets, window boxes, combination planting or potted s
Pelargonium Geraniums
Pelargonium Geraniums are more commonly referred to as Geraniums, they are one of the oldest yet still one of the most popular additions to any British garden. Geraniums make an excellent choice f
Perennials have stems that are soft or succulent and green, as opposed to brown and woody. Generally soft green growth will die back to the ground in the cold winter months. The roots of the perennial
Regal Pelargoniums
Regal Pelargoniums make a wonderful addition to any house or garden, and they are quite different to the zonal geranium types. Regal Pelargoniums have woody stems, wrinkled leaves and pointed lobes.
Scented Geraniums
Scented Geraniums are a wonderful addition to any garden. They have a variety of delicate flower shapes, attractive leaves and aromatic properties. Different varieties sport different scents, includin
Surfinia Petunias
Surfinia Petunias is a house-hold name and they’re the perfect addition to hanging baskets, containers, window boxes and pots. Surfinia Petunia has beautiful cascading blooms that flower throughout t
Trailing Geraniums
Geraniums that are trailing in habit are more commonly referred to as Ivy Geraniums. They are known as Ivy Geraniums because they have waxy leaves that often have the shape of a Hedera Ivy leaf. Th
Upright Geraniums
Geraniums that are upright in habit are more commonly referred to as Zonal Geraniums. They are known as Zonal Geraniums because they have roughly rounded leaves that often have a dark ring or zone run
Verbena is one of those garden essentials that bloom from spring to autumn with very little fuss. Flowers can be mauve, purple, white, pink, apricot, red or bi-colour blooms. Verbena is a lovely choic