Hanging Basket Mixed Summer Collection

An extremely popular collection made up of the most popular summer hanging basket plants. You will receive ten healthy mixed plug plants with at least four varieties in each collection. The plants will be made up from: geranium, fuchsia, nemesia, verbena, lotus, nepeta, petunia, diascia, brachycome, convovulus, bacopa and bidens, but specific varieties cannot be guaranteed. Will give continued colour in the garden from late spring to autumn.

Suitability: Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes & Containers
Hardiness: This variety is an annual that requires protection from frost cold weather. Can be planted out from late spring.
Dimensions: Height 0cm   Spread 0cm
Flower Colour: Mixed flower colour collection 
Plug Size: Standard Paper Pot Plug 
Position: Position in the shade/partial shade for part of the day
Feeding: Use multi-purpose liquid feed fortnightly, then weekly when flowering.
Watering: Moist soil and regular watering
Skill Level:
£7.99 per tray (10 plants per tray)
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