Fuchsia Deltas Sarah

A hardy fuchsia that once acclimatised will give good garden performance year upon year. Blue and cream single flowers and luscious green foliage make a stunning addition to all gardens.

Family: Onagraceae
Suitability: Containers, Garden Borders & Hanging Baskets
Hardiness: This variety initially requires protection from cold weather until mid spring. Can be planted out from late spring, becoming fully hardy as they acclimatised.
Dimensions: Height 60cm   Spread 60cm
Flower Colour: Blue/White 
Plug Size: Standard Paper Pot Plug 
Position: Requires partial shade for part of the day
Feeding: Initially feed fortnightly with multi-purpose liquid feed. Once established feed every 4 months with a granular feed.
Watering: Moist soil and regular watering
Skill Level:
£5.99 per tray (10 plants per tray)
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